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We Own the Details of Your Most Important Deliveries

In just over a decade, ShipEX Logistics has established itself as a key participant in the third-party logistics (3PL) business. Our Last Mile team provides a turnkey home delivery service for your most meticulous customers. ShipEX Logistics has an extensive level of experience, capability and resources, along with a nationwide transportation footprint, required to coordinate and manage every project detail from conception to completion. When your shipments and your brand are on the line, it’s reassuring to know ShipEX Logistics will be there with you to take ownership for every one of those details, big and small.

Last Mile Services

  • Home and business site services
  • Standard, Threshold and White Glove service levels
  • Premier white-glove delivery services for B2C and B2B customers
  • Shipping Container Deliveries
  • Medical Deliveries
  • Full auto, general, liability, cargo and workers comp insurance
  • Online tracking and order entry with easy POD retrieval
  • Budgetary estimates prior to work being performed
  • Value-added technology and service options
  • Global Logistics Management
  • Multi-channel distribution solutions
  • 24/7 coverage for 365 days of the year
  • Fluent in Spanish, Polish, Croatian, German and Mandarin Chinese

Customer Focused Solutions on a Miniscule Scale

The expansion of global e-commerce and the emergence of newly industrialized nations have generated a new channel for distribution which allows sellers to bypass the traditional retail markets. To address this change, ShipEX Logistics has established a business unit we call our Last Mile (LM) team. Last Mile typically involves shipments that are small, time-sensitive and destined to difficult locations that it requires highly specialized technology and transportation to optimize the small loads. Regardless of the size or weight of the cargo, this highly specialized discipline always requires planning, multiple delivery levels and value-added service options.

Solutions designed for today’s needs.

ShipEX Logistics has the capacity to scale our resources up or down to match the requirements of virtually any sized project, and we routinely integrate operations to satisfy our customer’s needs. Whether that be integrating with your systems to send orders and to get real time updates, or send proactive updates on when your order has picked up or delivered via email.

For the full story on what the ShipEX Logistics Last Mile team can do for you, contact us at, (877) MY-SHIPEX.

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