OOG and Project Management

We Own the Details of Your Most Important Projects

In just over a decade, ShipEX Logistics has established itself as a key participant in the third-party logistics (3PL) business. Our Global Projects Engineering team delivers turnkey heavy lift engineering and transportation services for extremely large projects, anywhere in the world. The larger and more complex the transportation challenge the more we welcome the opportunity to provide on-the-ground management. That’s because ShipEX Logistics has an extensive level of experience, capability and resources, along with a global transportation footprint, required to coordinate and manage every project detail from conception to completion. When your equipment, your project, and your reputation are all on the line, it’s reassuring to know the ShipEX Logistics will be there with you to take ownership for every one of those details, big and small.

Customer Focused Solutions on a Colossal Scale

The expansion of global commerce and the emergence of newly industrialized nations have generated a spread of projects involving large industrial equipment and materials. To address this global void, ShipEX Logistics has established a business unit we call our Global Projects Engineering team. Global project engineering typically involves payload so large, heavy or bulky it requires highly specialized equipment to lift and transport massive loads . Regardless of the size or weight of the cargo, domestic or international, this highly specialized discipline always requires planning, engineering, route surveying, and other sophisticated engineering and project management techniques in addition to the transportation of the cargo.

Transportation – Only Half the Story

Global transportation projects require equipment and processes that can accommodate over-sized and over-dimensional cargo.  But equipment and transportation processes only tell a half the story. Before any equipment is moved, thousands of hours are required to plan the litany of details that will guide the eventual shipment, plus any large-scale disassembly and reassembly that might be required. ShipEX Logistics assigns a bi-lingual team of engineers and transportation specialists to conduct feasibility studies of optimal heavy lift equipment, evaluate transport modes, plan routes, secure appropriate customs documents and handle insurance and risk.  Whenever a ShipEX Logistics project manager needs to be on-site you can be sure they will be present. In the end, it’s just one more way we take ownership of every element of the process to ensure the desired outcome.

Global Project Engineering Services include:

  • Complex, heavy and over-dimensional freight
  • Equipment Dismantling and Reassembly
  • Global Import/Export: Roll-on/Roll-off
  • Plant Relocation: Road, Rail and Water
  • Budgetary estimates
  • Marine surveys and inspections
  • Global Logistics Management
  • Rigging and Crane Service
  • Machinery Installation
  • Regulatory and documentation solutions
  • Fluent in Spanish, Polish, Croatian, German and Mandarin Chinese

Safety and the Human Element

When you work around equipment that can weigh into the hundreds of tons, issues of safety, risk management, personal responsibility and professionalism are a constant focus. As one division of a global transportation network with decades of experience, ShipEX Logistics understands that safety is no accident. Our exemplary record of safe operation translates into a system of best practices, internal protocols, certification requirements and scenario planning that extends from our team all the way to our vendors.

Solutions For Today’s Needs

In conjunction with lifting and transporting extraordinarily large cargoes, ShipEX Logistics has the capacity to move entire industrial facilities. We can scale our resources up or down to match the requirements of virtually any sized project, and we routinely integrate operations to relocate machinery throughout the world.  These relocations often require the disassembly, relocation and reassembly of industrial equipment. ShipEX Logistics serves a broad scope of industries, including food products, petrochemical, refining, alternative energy, mining and power generation.